Lynne Twist & Brother David Steindl-Rast

In this six-week program, we will explore the power of focusing awareness on the gifts, opportunities, and commitments of our lives. Sufficiency and gratefulness both help us recognize that we may not need new goals or big changes in order to be deeply happy, but instead to actively see, acknowledge, and appreciate what already fills and surrounds us. Re-orienting to the “currencies” and currents of our lives may hold the key to transforming the conditions of life as we know it. Learn with two of the world’s great thought-leaders and old friends, as they share their wisdom for our benefit.

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I feel that bringing into people’s attention and awareness the distinction of enough; of contentment; of sufficiency; of being with what they already have is so vital for today’s world. ~ Lynne Twist

  • How can experiencing sufficiency and contentment – rather than judgment and aspiration – become an impetus for transformation in our lives?
  • What are are some of the ways to distinguish possibility, hope, and faith?
  • How might love and gratitude help to generate needed changes in our world?
  • What are the gifts and opportunities we tend to take for granted?
  • How can cultivating daily practices focused on appreciating “enough” and “what already is” in our lives help to bring forth joy?
  • What is real abundance, and how can we discover and nurture it?

Please join us in exploring these questions, and many more, in this eCourse centered around an intimate, inspiring conversation held between old friends, Br. David Steindl-Rast and Lynne Twist in San Francisco, CA on October 1st, 2016. Interview by Sara Vetter.

Course Details: Wednesday March 29th – May 3rd, 2017

Each Wednesday for six weeks you will receive an email with links to a session for the week, to complete at your convenience. Sessions will include:

  • A 12 -18 minute video segment of an interview with Br. David Steindl-Rast and Lynne Twist
  • A full transcript of the weekly video segment
  • Links to resources which support each course session, i.e. articles, videos, and poems connecting to the theme of the week
  • Practice suggestions
  • Questions for reflection
  • An interactive place to leave comments on the questions and to respond to others
  • Access to an online journal where you can reflect on the questions privately
  • Additional questions for extended study
  • Optional: A live, follow-up call with Lynne Twist on Wednesday, May 10th.

Session Themes:

Week One:   Discovering the Seeds and Stories of Gratefulness and Sufficiency

Week Two:   Toxic Myths of Scarcity: Counteracting Cultural Conditioning

Week Three: True Abundance and the Great Fullness of Life

Week Four:   We Are Always Practicing Something: Turn Towards Trust & Joy

Week Five:   Manifesting the World You Long For

Week Six:   Taking a Stand for Possibility, One Opportunity at a Time 

We limit life going only for the imaginable – we need to be open for surprise.
~ Brother David Steindl-Rast

This Program is Designed to Help You:

  • identify the forces which can contribute to a sense of scarcity and unhappiness
  • experience greater contentment and gratefulness
  • understand what it means to take a stand for joy, courage, and reverence
  • learn ways to practice living every day of your life as your legacy
  • nourish your life and relationships with increased appreciation
  • know what is “enough” in your life
  • see, and seize, opportunities to make a difference with your gifts.

eCourse Cost/Donation

* This eCourse is offered on a sliding scale starting at $30. All donations over $30 will enable us to make this eCourse, and future offerings, available at no/reduced cost for people for whom the suggested amount is prohibitive. All donations are tax-deductible and deeply appreciated.

We are committed to making our educational offerings accessible to all. If $30 is a hardship, please contact us at [email protected]

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Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist is a global visionary and author of the best-selling book, The Soul of Money, which examines our attitudes toward money and offers compelling insight into our lives and the true essence of prosperity. The book is being re-released by WW Norton on March 14, 2017.

From working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, to serving in refugee camps in Ethiopia, and preserving the threatened rainforests of the Amazon through The Pachamama Alliance, Lynne’s on-the-ground work has brought her a deep understanding of the social tapestry of the world and our current historical landscape.

Lynne is the founder of the Soul of Money Institute and was recently interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for the show Super Soul Sunday, which will air in April of 2017.

Br. David Steindl-Rast man

Br. David Steindl-Rast

Born in Vienna, Austria, David Steindl-Rast studied art, anthropology, and psychology, at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (MA) and the University of Vienna (PhD). In 1953, he joined Mount Saviour Benedictine Monastery, where he is now a senior member. He began studying Zen in the 1960s, and became a pioneer in interfaith dialogue. In 1975 he received the Martin Buber Award for his achievements building bridges between religious traditions.

His books have been translated into many languages. Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer and A Listening Heart have been reprinted and anthologized for more than two decades. His most recent books are Words of Common Sense, Deeper Than Words: Living the Apostles’ Creed, 99 Blessings: An Invitation to Life, and The Way of Silence: Engaging the Sacred in Daily Life.

Brother David is a co-founder of A Network for Grateful Living and, where he currently serves as a senior advisor.


This course is offered in partnership with The Soul of Money Institute.