Brother David and Francis Lu have co-led annual film seminars at Esalen Institute since 1990. Here more favorite films from those seminars to supplement the original list of twenty favorite films.


21. The Magic Flute
22. My Life as a Dog
23. The African Queen
24. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
25. Mother Teresa
26. Into the West
27. The Road Home
28. Shadowlands
29. Gandhi
30. The Rules of the Game
31. The Seventh Seal
32. Groundhog Day
33. Cherry Blossoms
34. All About My Mother
35. Shall We Dance? (1995)
36. The Mission
37. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
38. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
39. The Official Story
40. El Sistema

Francis G. Lu, M.D., is the Luke & Grace Kim Endowed Professor in Cultural Psychiatry at the University of California, Davis. As of 2011, he has co-led 26 film seminars at Esalen, 20 of them with Brother David.