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Thanksgiving Song
As the Great Dynamo who powers the wheels of seasons and years
Turns autumn once more into winter,
At this season of Thanksgiving,
We give thanks for all seasons.


A Chorus of Thank-yous
For me, Thanksgiving is about paradox, about the challenge to do or think, be and hold opposing thoughts or circumstances at once. It is gratitude for the human impulse toward gratitude, even in the face of adversity.

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Grateful Conversation Starters
Are you drawn to deepen your conversations? Or turn them towards what may be uplifting, inspiring or transformative? Here are some questions to help us identify or reflect upon the gifts in our lives that we may otherwise miss.

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Receiving and Offering Thanks-giving
Gratefulness comes from experiencing the GREAT FULLNESS of life. In order to know great fullness, we need to possess the fundamental capacity to receive.

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Instead Of ‘What,’ Be Grateful For ‘When’ This Thanksgiving
(NPR, November 2015) “We are saturated with time. Right now, as you read these words, it’s rolling out from you. It’s filling space with your awareness of this one precious present moment. That, after all, is all the time we ever know. The past is a memory and the future an idea. But this moment, this breath, this deep sigh of relief.”

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Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.
(New York Times, November 2015) Arthur C. Brooks writes, “Choosing to focus on good things makes you feel better than focusing on bad things…In addition to building our own happiness, choosing gratitude can also bring out the best in those around us.”

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Why Extremely Successful People Swear By This 5-minute Daily Habit
(Business Insider, November 2015) Faisal Hoque writes how successful entrepreneurs, authors and innovators achieve more, are happier, and make a difference, by consciously practicing gratitude.

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Giver of All Good Gifts (audio)
(2007) This Thanksgiving prayer offered by Br. David, accompanied by Gary Malkin’s inspired music, looks towards the possibility of our world uniting in an overflow of gratitude.

Thanksgiving eCards
Brighten someone’s day with a message of gratitude, care or celebration from our fine and fun collection of Thanksgiving eCards.

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