To fully immerse yourself in this sound bath, we invite you to close your eyes and imagine being outside, mesmerized by the sights and sounds around you. Let nature’s healing music wash away the cares and concerns of your day, and soothe your mind/body and spirit. Allow wonder, and gratitude for this extraordinary world in which we live, to fill your being. Leave this page open to listen while you browse our site through a separate tab.

Note: These spacious binaural recordings sound best through earbuds, headphones, or full-range speakers. Please enjoy them in a quiet place and be sure to set the volume fairly low, in order to simulate the actual listening-experience in nature.

We are now offering a playlist so that you can hear Lang’s most up-to-date recordings and seamlessly listen to one recording after another…enjoy!


Our thanks to Lang Elliott, a nature author, speaker, cinematographer, sound recordist, photographer, and poet. Learn more about Lang and browse his premium pure nature recordings at Music of Nature.