“What you receive is just wonderful. You don’t receive it in money. Just the pleasure of seeing their faces.” – Peggy

We are so appreciating Green Renaissance films which buoyantly share stories of grateful living.

Who is Green Renaissance? They are a tiny collective of 4 passionate filmmakers (Warren, Jacky, Michael and Justine). They live off-grid and dedicate their time to making films that they hope will inspire and share ideas.

To join them in their journey visit Green Renaissance.

Music sourced from Audio Network
Say in Jest – by Terry Devine-King
Silly Bones – by Neil Sidwell
Afterthoughts – byu Terry Devine-King
English Garden – by Tim Garland
Lost for Words – by Terry Devine-King
Solstice – by Duncan Pittock

Sound mix by Tamryn Breakey and Stef Albertyn