This sound of children singing the sun up
will shape every last Himalayan snowflake
echo off the mountains made in their own image
reflect back their voice in future ages
where their philosophy folds into wrinkles of face


You are a temple of mud and soul
just like us                    an adobe of possibilities
a hollow of love, language and laughter
your body contains at least a liter of sunlight
and stardust                    radiating from every smile


If I spell my name in bruised melanin
and ink                    across this mud and breath
made flesh             melt down these gold fillings
into an alphabet of love letters
would you recognize your reflection in me


The network of caverns inside my heart
has enough rooms for in-laws and aging parents.
Food by the foot, as we trek between
who we were, and who we are. Giving us
enough time together to turn freckles into folds

From the collection Prayer Flag PoemsPosted by kind permission of the poet.
Image by darpan/Unsplash.

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