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The Grateful Changemaker series honors projects, programs, and organizations that contribute to a more peaceful and thriving world, in line with our mission, vision, and values. As a network, we revel in the opportunity to uplift those who sow seeds of gratitude, compassion, generosity, and joy in ways that nourish love and an interconnected sense of belonging. Understanding how gratefulness inspires the leaders of these featured initiatives to make change — as described in each interview — is welcome wisdom for all of us who hope to contribute to the world in meaningful ways. When we acknowledge how gratefulness can support not just individual but also organizational efforts toward collective change, we expand our sources of hope and possibility.

In appreciating the extraordinary breadth of these projects and programs, we recognize the variety of ways that gratefulness can manifest change, reveal our essential humanity, and bring people together. These initiatives remind us that gratefulness can and does serve the greater good. And they remind us that we can make a difference with our heart’s calling  — if we honor it. May their example inspire us to heed our own heart’s calling in the name of all that gratefulness holds dear.

To learn about our featured Grateful Changemakers, visit: Grateful News.