“Ask yourself what makes you come alive,” implores Howard Thurman, “because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Our deep hope is that this eCourse will offer you a rich and meaningful experience. We invite you to let “how” you engage with the material of this eCourse teach you as much as the material itself. The practice of living with a sense of “sufficiency” and “gratefulness” asks us to harness every opportunity as an invitation to come more fully alive and at ease in our unique ways. Enlivened, we can truly hear ourselves, one another, and the needs of the world more intently, and can more gratefully unleash our energy and gifts to make a difference. In this spirit, we offer you the following guidance for our 6-week journey…

Allow yourself uninterrupted time for each session. Turn off your phone. Let the people in your life know that you will be unavailable for a while. Give yourself the gift of offering your complete attention to the words, practices and reflections. No matter how you move through the course elements, give yourself permission to go at, and trust, your own pace and process.

Engage with the questions and practices. Each video is accompanied by questions and practices designed to help you take the material further; to connect the material to your life and to your wisdom. The more you engage with the practices, the more transformative your experience is likely to be.

Consider writing. Even if you are not someone who regularly writes in a journal, consider trying it for these few weeks. Studies have shown that expressive writing has health benefits and can help us uncover meaning and develop greater awareness around our experiences. Your written words will also offer you a record of your thoughts and reflections.

Read and/or share reflections online. At the bottom of each week’s course session page, there is a place for you to share your reflections, and/or comment on reflections posted by others. This is an opportunity to learn from one another, share your experiences, and offer encouragement. When responding to others, please feel free to affirm and express empathy or reflect how you have handled difficult situations of a similar nature. It is not the function of this discussion to provide solutions to situations that one may encounter. Whatever is shared in this course is to be held in strict confidence.

Make space for silence. If you don’t already, we invite you to start a practice where you spend some time each day in silence. It can be just 5 minutes or an hour – whatever is possible for you. Apart from the health, emotional and ethical benefits, the practice of sitting in silence (or meditation) can create space in our lives to allow creativity and fresh perspectives to arise. This is an important support to living a grateful life.

Discover the sanctuary. This eCourse is a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Hosted by A Network for Grateful Living, we offer an online haven without advertising or intrusive messages. As you go through the eCourse in these next six weeks and open to living with a greater sense of sufficiency and joy, we invite you to gather additional support and inspiration for your journey: explore our library of resources for Gratefulness in Daily Life, light a virtual candle to illuminate your way, send an eCard to a friend, or share your story for possible posting on our site. We welcome you to enjoy the powerful values, vision, mission and practice of grateful living, and to feel a part of our community.