This agreement allows hosts to:

  • Use the name Gratefulness Gatherings for your group.
  • Be listed in the Gratefulness Gatherings directory on
  • Use A Network for Grateful Living’s logo for promotional materials.
  • Talk to the press as a Gratefulness Gatherings host.

As a Gratefulness Gathering host, you agree that Gratefulness Gatherings are always offered:

  • With no intention of leading participants to any conclusion, product, or course of action.
  • As an open, respectful, and confidential space where people can express their views safely.
  • On a nonprofit basis.
  • Once per month, each month of the year.
  • Alongside refreshing drinks and nourishing food.
  • In accordance with our Community Engagement Guidelines.

A Network for Grateful Living cannot ensure the health and safety of your Gratefulness Gatherings.

Hosting Gratefulness Gatherings involves accepting that all responsibility and liability regarding your Gratefulness Gatherings rests with you. This is only precautionary — Gratefulness Gatherings tend to be safe and positive.

If/when you talk to the media, please always:

  • Use the following sentence to contextualize this work: “Gratefulness Gatherings are a part of A Network for Grateful Living, which is a global organization that was founded by Brother David Steindl-Rast and operates”
  • Wherever possible convey our mission, vision, and values.

The following are prohibited:

  • Starting websites, blogs or twitter account with Gratefulness Gatherings in the title. (Facebook pages are encouraged for your Gratefulness Gatherings.)
  • Using the name “Gratefulness Gatherings” for anything other than that which is set out in our guidelines.
  • Producing Gratefulness Gathering merchandise.

A Network for Grateful Living reserves the right to eliminate your Gratefulness Gathering.

This applies if we believe that your Gratefulness Gathering does not act in accordance with the guidelines for Gratefulness Gatherings and/or is misaligned with our mission, vision, and values.

To download a copy of this Agreement, click here.


Our thanks to Death Cafe’s Jon Underwood for inspiring this agreement.