This month’s Grateful News brings prize-winning photos of our Earth; the first food bank in Ghana; tool-making crows; women marching for rights; a community health worker crucial for healthcare; and creating opportunities for the poorest people in India.

Breathtaking Visions of Earth: Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Let us be grateful for this amazing planet on which we live. The Outdoor Photographer of the Year competition, now in its seventh year, celebrates the work of image-makers and offers an insight into the landscapes, wildlife and nature of the planet and the adventures to be found on it. >> See photos

How a Ghanaian Decided to Set Up a Food Bank

When Eric Darko arrived in Seattle from Ghana to participate in a professional leadership exchange program in 2015, he had no idea that his visit would be life-changing – not only for himself, but also for the people in his community back home. >> Full Story and Video

New Caledonian Crows Show How Technology Evolves

Tool-making crows have allowed us to see the first foundations of a technological breakthrough. New Caledonian crows spontaneously make hooks out of plant material, using them to “fish” for grubs and spiders.
>> Full Story and Video

Women’s March 2018 – by the Numbers and Images

Gatherings ranging from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands took place all across America over the weekend as men and especially women marched for the empowerment of women and social justice. >> See photos

Photo © by Monty Munford Smiling woman in a blue shirt with a big backpack

Meet the ‘Backpack Midwife’ Bringing Healthcare for All

Although her backpack weighs just 5kg (11lb) it’s still a heavy load as she does her rounds twice a week, says Margaret Wairimu Maina. The gear has become crucial for her voluntary job as a community health worker. She is responsible for more than 120 households in the local area and manages to see up to 20 a day when she visits between noon and 4pm. >> Full Story

Bihar’s Super 30: Hard Lessons

Two remarkable men – Anand Kumar, a brilliant mathematician, and Abhayanand, a senior police officer – set up a school called the Ramanujan School of Mathematics in India’s poorest state, Bihar. These unlikely visionaries share the belief that poverty, caste and religion should be no barrier to opportunity.
>> Full Story and Video