We are happy that this New Year feature has now become a bit of a tradition! Each year we invite you to peruse a refreshed collection of articles, video, poetry, and practices which speak to beginnings, possibilities, and potential. May these resources help support us all in welcoming the new year with gratitude, inspiration, and hope.

light coming out of clouds revelation

Turning New Year’s Resolutions into Revelations
Kristi Nelson invites us to make “the means more of the ends” by putting gratefulness rather than scarcity at the center of the resolutions we make this year. Bringing a grateful balance to our resolutions can make them revelations in our lives, not just a long list of “shoulds.”

Your Song
This practice is about deepening in discovery of the unique song that is yours to sing. As we seek to truly live gratefully (and in so doing, live fully), we benefit from pausing and listening, creating space for the melodies that wish to emerge from the depths of our wholeheartedness.

A New Reason for Gratitude
While global challenges such as the refugee crisis and climate change threaten to overwhelm us with a sense of helplessness, Br. David Steindl-Rast reminds us that we all have a valuable role to play. “Who would have foreseen that gratitude could shine forth with such new brightness in these dark days? May it light our way.”

The One Life We’re Given
“Our challenge is not to choose between the fragility and strength of life but to cultivate our wonder by holding both in our heart,” writes Mark Nepo, “We teeter and we soar; often at the same time. Wonder helps us find the indestructible part of the thread…”

Symphony for Our World
Discover the beauty of our wild world in this one-hour musical celebration of our planet. The show brings viewers from the depths of the sea, up to coastlines, over mountains, and soaring into the sky. Each movement results in a powerful musical tribute to the beauty and wonders of our wild world.


May you wear your years like a well-tailored coat
Or a brave sassy scarf.
May every year yet to come:
Be one more bright button
Sewn on a hat you wear at a tilt…

Blank journal on sand. Pages with leaves.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal
So, you want to commit to living more gratefully in 2019? One way of cultivating gratitude and gratefulness is to establish a daily practice of writing down the moments, encounters, or everyday things that enrich our lives. Here are some research-based tips for keeping a gratitude journal…

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