Each year we offer a refreshed collection of articles, video, poetry, and practices which speaks to beginnings and possibility. In 2020, we embark not only on a new year but a new decade, and many of us are considering personal and social transformation beyond our usual scope, and in more interrelated ways than ever. We are surely perched at a historical moment calling out for us to clarify and commit to our intentions and aspirations with invigorated passion. May this collection of resources help to support us in welcoming the new year with bright curiosity, wholehearted courage, and a deepened understanding of our role in bringing forth a more radiant aliveness in ourselves and in our world.

The Call
It’s not the day on the
calendar that makes the
New Year new, it’s when
the old year dies that the new
year gets born…

Cultivating a Practice: Grateful Living as a Way of Life
“Cultivation is a form of practice and harnesses the energy of purposefulness,” writes Kristi Nelson, “We can cultivate most anything in our lives, depending on how we offer our attention and focus our intentions…” This foundational essay offers an approach to grateful living in practice, illuminating the central tenets of presence, perspective, and possibility.

A Moral Obligation to Transform
“Modern science has in recent decades been verifying what the ancient traditions intuited long ago: that, in both tangible and mysterious ways, we are all interconnected, and any one of us can have a profound effect on the whole,” writes Craig Hamilton. This essay  helps us consider our individual power to transform, and suggests that this power comes with responsibility as it is vital to the evolution of the greater good.

A New Story of the People
In this video, Charles Eisenstein explores how we can move from the old story of separation, competition, and self-interest to a New Story of the People. “…ask yourself if you’re ready to bow more deeply into that service (to something larger). If you do it, I predict that you will experience an unexpected opportunity to act on that intention and it will be just at the edge of your courage. But not past it.” (8:07 minutes)

Dare to Let Go
“There’s not necessarily anything wrong with “the way it’s always been.” If it hadn’t been solid and workable, people wouldn’t have continued doing it that way over years and generations,” writes Br. David Steindl-Rast, in his response to a site visitor’s question about our need for security, “But there’s everything wrong with hanging on…”

Share the Gift of Grateful Living
Do you know someone who could do with a little beauty or perspective in their lives? Could you do with some inspiration and light on dark days? At this beginning of a new year, we invite you to share the Gift of Grateful Living widely and joyfully. It is free, beautiful, has a low carbon-footprint, zero-packaging, and is easy to send!

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