A Network for Grateful Living will be supporting locally-based Grateful Living practice groups throughout the US by sharing information about how to set up or connect with groups in your area. Please contact us if you are interested in starting or participating in a group. Visit our affiliate sites Dankbar Leben, Dankbaar Leven and Vivir Agradecidos to learn about groups forming in Europe and South America.

Guidelines for Hosting a Group

We hope that these guidelines will be helpful to you.

Group Practice Inspiration

Our website is filled with resources and inspiration for informal offline groups. Here are some suggestions that might be useful if you are thinking about forming a group:

  • Watch A Grateful Day together; use the Questions & Practices suggested
  • Visit our Gratefulness in Daily Life to help you and your friends start inwardly and move out to explore how our Earth family belongs together.
  • Take an on-demand gratefulness eCourse and make it interactive with your group’s discussion of the materials.
  • Share with each other a poem, a practice, or an experience that you want to see through the lens of gratefulness.
  • Enjoy the hundreds of essays, interviews, poems, and other Resources on Gratefulness.org as springboards for personal and shared reflection.
  • Try some of daily grateful living practices ideas at home and then come together with others to discuss the results.
  • Watch Br. David’s videos together to learn more about grateful living from one of A Network for Grateful Living’s co-founders.  Then share with each other any insights or questions that arose while you watched.
  • Consider what this global ethic of grateful living means for you and your community.
  • Be simply playful together or playful with a purpose:  for instance, go on a nature walk and bring a plastic grocery bag each to clean up litter you find along the way.
  • Pray for each other and the world:  in silence, in words, by candles, through art, even through kind thoughts, which are themselves prayers.
  • Take on a service project which allows you to feel the reciprocity of giving and receiving.
  • Use this book as a guide for your group:  Stop.Look.Go: A Grateful Practice Workbook and Gratitude Journal.
  • Use these questions to stimulate conversation and bring focus:
  1. What are you grateful for? (encourage a list or elaborate on one point)
  2. What tools are you using to amplify and inspire your gratitude practice? (such as our Grateful App, a gratitude journal, books, CDs, films, webinars.)
  3. If you are dealing with a challenge, how can the group help you bring gratitude to the experience to find opportunity in it?