“The societal messages that barrage us in our commercialized world encourage us to perseverate about what could be, negating the sacred fullness of our present moments.”
~ Kristi Nelson, Wake Up Grateful

Photo by Zac Durant/Unsplash

What new possibilities emerge when we’re able to notice and savor what is beautifully sufficient in our lives? Even alongside real needs or longings, how can we tune in to aspects of our lives that are enough and plenty just as they are? And how might cultivating a sense of sufficiency allow us to give our energy, time, and heart to what truly matters to us?

While commercial messages of scarcity exist in all cultures, they are particularly pervasive in the United States in the weeks around the holidays. During a time when the northern hemisphere’s winter invites us to turn inward toward greater stillness and contentment, many of us can feel pushed to focus instead on the busy energy of spending and acquiring more. It’s not hard to be drawn into a sense of scarcity, despite our best intentions. 

Wherever you are in the world and whatever traditions and holidays you celebrate, we invite you to gather for an intimate 75-minute retreat focused on appreciating and celebrating all that is sufficient in our lives, including the gift of simply being alive another day. Grounded in Kristi Nelson’s book Wake Up Grateful, our mini-retreat will include guided reflection, practice, and inspirational reading all designed to cultivate a sense of sufficiency during this season, perhaps even a sense of abundance. 

Please join Executive Director Kristi Nelson and Director of Education Sheryl Chard – members of the Grateful Living Team – via Zoom on Tuesday, December 14, from 7:00-8:15 p.m., EST.

  • Registration is open through Monday, December 13 at Noon, EST.
  • All registrants will receive pre-retreat details and a Zoom link the day of the retreat, Tuesday, December 14.
  • Participants will have the option to join by video, allowing for a more connected experience.
  • This gathering is offered free of charge, although we invite you to make a donation afterward as you’re moved.
  • The retreat will include teachings and practices from the book Wake Up Grateful. You do not need to have a copy of the book for the retreat, but if you do have one, you might enjoy having it nearby for reference.

We look forward to gathering with you! To sign up, please complete the form below.

Registration for the retreat has closed.