“Let gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you…” Allow the great fullness of your heart to be moved by the teachings, inspiration, vision, and impact of grateful living, and offer this work the blessing of your support. Your gift matters and your partnership makes a meaningful difference. Please join us.
Now more than ever…


The gifts of gratefulness are being unleashed into people’s hearts and lives through gratefulness gatherings, podcasts, workshops, events, partnerships, new books, practice calendars, as well as the continuation of our robust online offerings at Gratefulness.org and Brother David’s teaching and writing. With plans to complete our “Grateful Living Guidebook” in 2019, we are positioned to help engage, inform, and help transform more people than ever.


The benefits of living gratefully are being researched, documented, confirmed, and experienced directly in the lives of people seeking higher levels of well-being. From resilience and aliveness to greater courage and joy, the positive effects of gratefulness are robust and offer tangible enhancement for body, mind, and spirit, as well as our relationships and communities. Learning to appreciatively embrace our own and each other’s “great fullness” yields immeasurable gifts.


In a world that can break our hearts every day, the practice of grateful living supports us to live and act courageously with greater compassion, generosity, and kindness. Ever connected to the wellspring of our core values, we are moved to engage with life — and others — with our hearts wide open and full-blown, protecting what we cherish, nourishing what we appreciate, and taking a stand for the justice and peace that emanate from the bright light of love.


Please join us and share your support for this important work. Our services are free and open to all, yet they are not free for us to provide. Your generosity sustains what we do, and helps us expand to effectively meet the growing needs of the world. We offer our Poem-A-Month, beautiful 2019 Grateful for Each Day Wall Calendar, and Everyday Gratitude as gifts of appreciation. Thank you.

With grateful hearts,