Thank you, Br. David, and Happy Birthday!
Martha W.


My husband and I find such Peace and Joy in
Judith H.


It is my heartfelt thank to my Great teacher when I study in St. Louis University of IRS program. Bro. David gave me an inspiration how to deal with my spiritual life. Bro. David, you are the Light and Salt of the Earth.
With unceasing prayer.
Joseph Y.


In Erinnerung an die Freundschaft zwischen Bruder David und meinem verstorbenen Mann Walther Deutschmann. Besonders verband die beiden Freunde die Gedichte von R.M. Rilke.
Adelheid D.


I feel very grateful for this time here in the world and all the gifts I’ve been given. You are most positively in my heart and on my mind. Not just on your 91st but so many times throughout these days. Thank you for enriching my life and playing with me at the same time. I’m still in Malibu but dear peter pass away august 8th 2015. I’m grateful for our late blooming romance and the time we got to share together. Thank you for being my friend Brother David.   Lois of Esalen
Lois L.

I didn’t realize until today – that I share July 12 as the day of birth into this world. What a gift and affirmation for me. Brother David has invited me more deeply into the practice of gratitude – which has opened me to a more generous heart and curious mind. Giving and receiving and giving again – the energy system – the love – the play – the both/and of darkness and light. May this 92 trip around the sun for Brother David bear ripe and juicy fruit.  Blessings and deep gratitude.
Nancy H.


Happy Birthday, Br. David,
Your beautiful life brings such joy to the world. You are a generous soul.I’m so grateful to have found you and your teaching. I wish you the desires of your heart this year and always.
Lee Ann M.


Happy Birthday Brother David.
Joan E.


Brother David, you inspire me everyday by your pure heart and clear wisdom. And this has been true for over 30 years. THANK YOU with all my heart, Victoria
Victoria C.


Brother David inspires me as I grow in my commitment as an Oblate with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pa. Bless you, Brother David. Your book, The Way of Silence, is good for my heart, mind, body & soul. Thank you. AND, Happy Birthday!
Mary H.S.


Brother David has had a profound influence on my life since I heard a set of tapes (Practical Guides to Meditation) in the 80s. I am deeply grateful for his generous spirit! I lead retreats for people in recovery from alcoholism and other addictions. David’s simple wisdom has been an inspiration to me and to the people with whom I journey. Thank you!
Cathy C.


Br. David’s teachings, and my happiness at being able to spend several days at a workshop w/ him in Boulder, CO and then again in Chartres, France have meant so much to me. I wish Br. David much happiness and peace. Namaste.
Suzanne S.

Back in the day, I had the opportunity to meet Brother David at Esalen Institute at two retreats. One of those retreats was the annual memorial celebration of Joseph Campbell whose wife, Jean Erdman, wrote a forward to my book: Invisible Means of Support, A Transformational Journey that was a tribute to Campbell. How could one not be impressed with the scope of Brother David’s body of work and his approachable and compassionate countenance. I want to wish him a heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of his 91st birthday. May joy and celebration continue to be the legacy of the goodness, comfort and wisdom he has brought to many spiritual seekers of the Path.
Dennis A.


A colleague in spirit to Brother David, Gina lived her life as a bright, present, animated power of consciousness.
Rooted in the mystery of the miracle.
Her life inspired all those around her.
Much love and Gratitude Gina!!!
Tiare W.


Lieber Bruder David!
Herzliche Gratulation zum Geburtstag! Allen Segen des Himmels wünschen in Dankbarkeit
Sr. Maria Theresia und Sr. Maria Michaela


Happy Birthday Br. David and Thank you for all you do- You are truly an inspiration for all the world. God Bless you
Debby K.


We all here in Ireland wish you a very happy and joyful day. Thanks for giving us so much inspiration and for being grateful for every day.
Meta H.


Dear Br. David,
Thank you for all you have given so many. Robert & i met and fell in love six years ago because we both wanted to learn more from you! You have changed our lives.
With love and respect,
Carol I. and Robert S.

Thank you for your long life and many years of blessings to us all. I met with Dom D Winzen in 1964 and have never forgotten that time. The blessings keep flowing. Thank you, Leonie
Leonie  L.


One reason 91 is a great age is that it’s the reverse of 19, like the 19 year old cleaver in Cutting Up an Ox. “There are spaces in the joints; the blade is thin and keen: when this thinness finds that space, there is all the room you need!” May this year’s challenges go ‘like a breeze’. Wishing you great joy and love, Cindy
Cindy B.


In deep gratitude for the influence of Brother David in my life and grateful for the experience of a trip to Greece with him in 2007. Praise the Divine!
Mary Ann B.


for Brother David

to write a poem
is to let go
of expectations
to free fall
and trust
and harvest the flowers
and rocks
along the road side
knowing that all – ALL –
is given
and nothing
is created by my self
and so to humbly bow
to the greater whole
that some
might call god

Dankeschön von Nina
Verena K.

Thank you for the gift of you. Happy Birthday!
Cheryl B., OSB Oblate


So grateful for your wisdom, sagacity and service. May your day of birth be celebrated with joy!
Hal R.


Dear Br. David,
Thank you for enlightening us with Christ’s teachings.
May God bless you with a long and happy life and may you continue “”speak”” the actions of Jesus.
God bless, Cedric
Cedric F.


Your life “”has the look of flowers that have been looked at,”” the fragrance and beauty of having been watered and warmed and blessed with gratitude. You have touched me, both at Hollyhock and on our cruise, and I have grown. Forever grateful.
Your sister, Cynthia
Cynthia D.


Joyful, Peaceful and Blissful 91st Birthday, Brother David!
Eleanor R.


My dear Brother David,
I am always grateful for the huge role you have played in my life – all those days at Mt. Savior & in Ithaca and all your work -books, videos, etc. since! I admire your courage (and borrow from it) to keep on keeping on! I am looking forward to watching you on OPRAH! I am grateful for YouTube – where I also still learn daily from Chris Hedges, Kathy Kelly, John Dear, Bill Coffin, Sam Keen, Carl Rogers, and David Daly, and all such company of saints!
I love you dearly, eternally, Elizabeth
Elizabeth S.


May God bless you in addition to what He has done just much!
Big hug from your Brazilian brother in Christ, and friend!
All the best!
Tarcísio S.


Dear Brother David,
Lieber Bruder David,
You are the one most important person to show me my way to God.
Du bist vor anderen Menschen der Mensch, der mich zu Gott geführt hat.
Never mind that you don’t know me.
Es macht nichts, dass du mich nicht kennst.
Knowing you is important.
Es ist nur wichtig, dass ich dich kenne.
Thank you a thousand times for being you.
Lieben Dank, dass es dich gibt.
Birgit W.


Dear and most honorable Brother David, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
You are a blessing to the world ? and to everyone who has the honor to be inspired by you. Your humor, wisdom, sensitivity, joy and LOVE is a gift to the world. Gratefulness as you see it
“Great   Fullness” is touching  my heart and soul.
Wishing you a peaceful, healthy next year filled with the LOVE  you share so generously.
I give Thanks to  GOD for having sent you on this earth.
Y. W.