Whenever we talk about truly changing the world, it is imperative that we focus our attention on the youngest generation – those whose lives stretch out long before them, and who hold the vast possibilities for our world in their hands. Young people can benefit significantly from learning about grateful living, as they are subject to increasing amounts of stress, as well as cultural pressures and influences which can have them feel like they are always “lacking.” And as they are often highly attuned to their inner and outer experiences, they also have a great deal to teach about gratefulness.

Grateful Living practices for youth can be shared in families and in educational settings, in after-school programs and in peer groups. There are riches in gratefulness to be mined and offered for young people, and the effects of this practice will be far reaching. It is important that the focus on teaching grateful living to youth be deeply informed and shaped by young people themselves, and that the approaches are tailored.