A sense of sufficiency, spaciousness, and appreciation suffuse a life that is lived simply. Many of us long for this unconditional wellbeing in our daily lives, yet lack guidance about ways to cultivate and experience it. As well, the habits of mind and behavior which keep us on the treadmill of “more is better,” are very challenging to change, especially in societies which tend to define us by what we do, own, and have, rather than who we are. A sense of scarcity and urgency can be so commonplace for many of us that we can hardly imagine being energized or motivated without it, and they can keep us less resilient, resourceful and creative.

Grateful Living is a direct pathway to the qualities of mind and heart which lend themselves to simplicity and sustainable motivation. Simple living comes when we trade our acquisitive tendencies for inquisitive and appreciative tendencies. Then, the experience of enough-ness, which brings peace and equanimity to our lives and relationships, will spill over into abundance. “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears,” says Tony Robbins. And a sense of abundance will make our collective wellbeing more assured.