Many of us are in relationships where we find ourselves tending and nurturing others. Sometime we take care of others because we are fulfilling a role that we have chosen in a person’s life, or because we choose to serve others as a professional or a volunteer. And sometimes we do not choose caregiving as much as it chooses us! No matter the circumstances, caregiving can be both a tremendously rewarding and depleting experience. And though it may sometimes feel like thankless work, we also know in our hearts that caring for others is some of the most important work that any of us ever undertake in our lives.

Grateful Living can help to cast a more sacred frame around the care that we offer others. It can help replenish our reserves and fill us up from the eternal sources that fuel gratefulness – Life, and Love. Practices bring us more in touch with sustainable care for ourselves and others, crack open our hearts to deeper and more inexhaustible compassion, and allow us to feel a connection with others that nourishes us for the caregiving work in our lives.