For many years, our friends from Germany, Switzerland and Austria have been closely involved with Br. David and have been an integral part of our Network for Grateful Living.  In 2012, a group gathered in Austria and out of that gathering, Dankbar Leben sprang from their collective hearts and hard work. You can read about some of the amazing accomplishments of this group here in this update, and stay informed by visiting Netzwerk Dankbar Leben.

Br. David monk

Bruder David:  You can also find German resources and translations of Br. David’s writings here.

In 2012, Brother David visited Argentina and a group of devoted friends from Buenos Aires started this chapter in the Gratefulness network to serve South America, and Spanish-speaking communities around the world with inspiration about grateful living. Vivir Agradecidos has grown by leaps and bounds in these few years, publishing the beautiful coffee table book, Celebration, and extending their reach to serve many friends with their writings, gatherings and grateful action.

budding chestnut

This budding chestnut symbolizes ‘Dankbaar Leven, ‘ the beginning of a Dutch network of gratefulness. Attracted by the idea that gratitude is not only a feeling, but can also be a deliberate choice, something you can practice, a number of people in the Netherlands came together in October 2015. Br. David’s approach to grateful living has become a great inspiration for them and his writings are an invaluable support for practising this attitude in daily life. By offering a page in Dutch they want to enable Dutch speaking people to find this source of inspiration more easily, in this way expanding the Dutch network ‘Dankbaar Leven.’ See our Welcome page and our Facebook page.

Chinese Gratefulness

Br. David visited Father Joseph Yim in Hong Kong, China.  They, along with translator Rosa Pang, have been excited about sharing Grateful Living Practice  through these translations.