A Network for Grateful Living

Welcome to your online sanctuary. Experience, deepen, and share
the power of living gratefully. Open to the great-fullness and
opportunity of this moment. Bring gratitude to life…

Grateful Gifts: Giving from Great Fullness

Grateful living helps us to live and act with love and compassion
in service of our world. If you value this work, please invest in
the gifts of gratefulness and support our annual appeal…

Grateful Changemakers: Lava Mae

Lava Mae transforms the way communities see and serve
their unhoused neighbors — helping to restore dignity, and fuel a
sense of opportunity for people who experience homelessness…


Let us try what it is to be true to gravity,
to grace, to the given, faithful to our own voices,
to lines making the map of our furrowed tongue…

“Grateful for Each Day” Wall Calendar

Our 2020 calendar is now available!
Each month features stunning photographs,
practices, and quotes to support living gratefully all year long…

"Spark" a Grateful Reflection

In what ways can I actively celebrate and honor this precious life?


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