A Network for Grateful Living

Welcome to your online sanctuary. Experience, deepen, and share
the power of living gratefully. Open to the great-fullness and
opportunity of this moment. Bring gratitude to life…

Radical Aliveness and Belonging

Join Br. David Steindl-Rast, and other spiritually-
inspired activists and leaders, in exploring the
intersections of spirituality and social change this September…

What is Life’s Lesson for Today?

“Life seems to always give us just the right task
for learning what we need to learn,” writes
Br. David in his response to a site visitor’s question…

But You Thought You Knew What a Sign Looked Like

And who’s to say these miracles are less
significant than burning bushes, loaves
and fishes, steps on water…

A Year of Grateful Changemakers

Over the past twelve months, we’ve delighted
in the opportunity to honor inspiring initiatives
from around the world that embody gratefulness…

"Spark" a Grateful Reflection

How can I ease the path that others are walking today?


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