A Network for Grateful Living

Welcome to your online sanctuary. Experience, deepen, and share
the power of living gratefully. Open to the great-fullness and
opportunity of this moment. Bring gratitude to life…

A Prelude to Gratitude

“Gratitude emerges as my way to serve, to heal, to love,”
writes Eric Alan, “It’s been waiting for me, all along.
It waits patiently for you too.”…

Today’s Book of Delights

He is right; if we choose to look,
we just might believe it’s there
in the first chirp of the day and the body awakening to hear it,…

This Love Poem Living Through You

Our presence is what crafts
the stanzas and the stunning, brilliant prose
of the love poem living through us…

A Normal Day!

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are,”
implores Mary Jean Irion, “Let me learn from you, love you,
savor you, bless you before you depart…”

Reflect on the Gifts of Life

What teaches me about the fragility and resilience of life?

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