A Network for Grateful Living

Welcome to your online sanctuary. Experience, deepen, and share
the power of living gratefully. Open to the great-fullness and
opportunity of this moment. Bring gratitude to life…

Practices for A Grateful Day

What if you discovered that living with awareness
and intention, focusing on what makes you feel
alive, grateful and in wonder, allows you to inspire others…

A Quiet Life

What a person desires in life
is a properly boiled egg.
This isn’t as easy as it seems…

From Obligation to Opportunity

What would it take to see the considerations,
commitments and responsibilities in our lives
as our riches, blessings and privileges?…

How Gratitude Motivates Us to Become Better People

Some critics charge that gratitude is
selfish and breeds complacency…

"Spark" a Grateful Reflection

In what creative ways can I show the ones I love
that I am grateful for them today?