Stop whatever you are doing and devote your full attention to being still or slowing down in this moment. Become conscious of your breath breathing itself. Follow a complete inhale-exhale cycle with your full awareness.

Allow your body to soften wherever it is, exactly as it is. Allow yourself to open to the possibility of greater spaciousness or ease in your relationship with your experience of your body. Feel everything gently.

You may want to take a few moments to lie, or sit, down, allowing your body to rest comfortably. Feel your body supported by whatever is underneath you. You may want to put your hand, or both hands, gently on your chest. Let yourself be aware of your heart beating and/or your lungs breathing.

Look: Allow your attention to focus on how much is happening in your body without your effort, without your having to try to make anything happen.

It is very difficult to take our attention off of physical pain or distress. The nature of distress is that it seems to want every last morsel of our attention. But it is very important for us to know, that with attention, challenging sensations and experiences in the body can be dwarfed by the larger context of all that is working.

No matter what is/feels “wrong” with your body, there is an overwhelming amount that is perfectly right with your body at all times.

Your body is, indeed, nothing short of an absolute miracle. Allow yourself to consider these amazing facts:

  • Your body produces approximately 2.5 million new red blood cells each second
  • Your heart beats around 100,000 times each and every day
  • Your lungs can take in more than 3,000 gallons of air each day
  • Your brain uses 20% of your body’s oxygen and caloric intake, even though it is only about 2% of your body mass.

Is there one fact that stands out to you – that makes you really appreciate the gift of your body and how much it is offering you? Allow yourself to focus on one thing about your body that is working. Appreciate it with your whole awareness.

Go: Move throughout the next moments carrying the idea that – no matter what else is true – your body is nothing short of miraculous. You are more than any part – you are even more than the sum of your parts. Your body is alive and it is a miracle.

Write down 3 things about your body that are working and for which you feel grateful. Whenever your mind slips into negative thoughts about your body, interrupt the pattern by saying to yourself, or writing, “I am grateful for my body.” Focus on what is working. Access your private online journal here. 

Find a physical gesture of tenderness and care that you can offer to yourself when you get stuck in judgments about your body – such as placing your hand on your heart.

This type of gesture can be filled with meaning and association. Let it be a healing reminder to your body that it is appreciated.

It can help to focus on others whose physical challenges are even greater than ours – no matter our situation. This can get us outside of our own myopia and into helping others who are suffering. Then, we can realize how amazing our bodies actually are. There are hundreds of ways to help – teaching from exactly where we are. Other people need our support, love and wisdom.

Be inspired by Nick Vujicic who, born without arms and legs, teaches from his experience, and invites us to “be thankful, dream big and never give up.”

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